Question: What is the weather normally like in the middle of June?

Answer: Normally the weather can be expected to be fine and dry. You should not need a sweater! Temperatures can be expected to be in the mid 80’s and the humidity should be low.

Question: In the past the number of restaurants in the Chelan Valley was very limited. Has there been any change in the past few years?

Answer: The has been a significant change in the past few years. There are now a number of very good restaurants providing good choice and a variety of price ranges. This includes restaurants in Chelan and Manson and at a number of the local wineries. Take a look at the Restaurant page.

Question: How well is the ride supported?

Answer: The rides are fully supported with rest stops no more than 15 miles apart. Each rest stop will have refreshments and basic first aid available. Sag Wagons will cruise the entire Centruy Callenge course to provide rider assistance. Emergency support will be provided by the local hostpital EMT service.

Question: What ride merchandise is available?

Answer: Each rider will receive a commemorative T-Shirt specific for each year. A Ride Jersey and a commemorative Water Bottle will be available for purchase. The Ride Jersey can be ordered when you register or you can order by e-mail and pay for the jersey when you check-in at the registration desk. A limited number of Ride Jerseys will be available on the day of the ride. Water bottles can be purchased on the day of the ride.

Question: How many people participate in the Century Challenge?

Answer: We are expecting about 250 riders and hope for more. Last year the numbers were down from previous years. Some say the price of gas and other economic factors caused the drop, but who really knows. This year we are making a much more concerted effort – more advertising, much improved website, e-mail communications etc.

Question: What kind of snacks and drinks will you have at the Rest/Aid stations?

Answer: There will be a variety of drinks (water, Gatorade, Pepsi, juice) and snacks (energy bars, bagels, muffins). We will cater to people who have special dietary needs to the best of our ability.

Question: I would prefer not to register on-line. Is it possible to register by mail?

Answer: Yes, you can register by mail or on the day of ride. You can download a mail in registration from the Registration Page on the website. If you prefer you can register on the day of the Rides.

Question: On which loop will the McNeil Canyon Hill climb be? Will the hill climb be a timed hill climb?

Answer: McNeil Canyon will be on the 2nd loop. The McNeil Canyon climb starts at 850 ft and climbs to 3,100 ft over a distance of 7.2 miles. The climb will be timed for those people who are interested in recording their time.

Question: Why did you change the date of the Rides?

Answer: The main reason for changing the date is firstly we are hoping that the weather will be more reliable in mid June. Second, we hate competition! The first week in June conflicts with the Apple Century in Wenatchee and the second weekend in June with Flying Wheels in Seattle. Now we are in conflict with the Tour de Blast. It is difficult to find a weekend without competition.