Need to Know

General Information

Riders are required to wear their RIDE NUMBER. This indicates that you are a participant and are eligible for ride support.

General: The three (3) loops of the Century Challenge should be ridden in sequence. Riders are free to ride only the First Loop or the First and Second Loop, riders may start at will anytime after the course is opens at 7:00 AM)

Loop Support: Each of the loops will be supported during the following times:

Loop 1 – Manson (30 miles) – supported from 7am until 11:00am
Loop 2 – McNeil Canyon, (41 miles) – supported from 9:30am until 2pm
Loop 3 – Navarre Coulee, (35 miles) – supported from 11:30am until 4:00pm

Aid Stations

Aid Stations: Aid Stations, including portable toilets, will be located at strategic locations on each of the three loops as follows:

Loop 1 – Upper Joe Creek Road (Food, Water, Toilets)
Loop 2 – Junction of Hwy 97 & 97A (Food, Water, Toilets)
Loop 2 – Bottom of McNeil Canyon (Water Only)
Loop 3 – Midway up McNeil Canyon (Water Only)
Loop 2 – Top of McNeil Canyon (Food, Water, Toilets)
Loop 3 – Midway up Navarre Coulee (Water only)
Loop 3 – Top of Navarre Coulee (open till last rider passes) (Food, Water, Toilets)
Loop 3 – Bottom of Butte Road hill climb (Water Only)

Public Restrooms: Public restrooms can be found at Don Morse Park (start and finish), Manson Bay Park (Loop 1), Beebe Bridge Park at foot of McNeil Canyon (Loop 2), Chelan State Park and Pat & Mike’s on the Navarre Coulee (Loop 3).

Sag Wagons & Repair

Safety: SAG wagons with large white signs will patrol all loops.

McNeil Canyon: DO NOT attempt the McNeil Canyon climb (average 12% grade) after 12:30pm (it can take as long as 90mins to reach the top). McNeil Canyon support will end before you reach the top and there is no cell phone service. The Aid Station at the top of McNeil will wait for the last rider that passes the lower station before 12:30pm and the NcNeil Canyon SAG will do a final sweep at 2:00pm.

Cell Phone Service: Cell phone service is not available or limited in the canyons, along cliffs, and along the Southshore Road.

Bicycle Service and Repair: Repair service will be provided in Don Morse Park between 6:30am and 11:00am. SAG wagons will carry basic repair equipment.

All Riders must wear an ANSI or Snell approved bicycle helmet and obey all traffic laws.