For riders looking for that “extra challenge”!

10,000 foot club

  • Each of the three loops include an option climb, which adds both distance and elevation gain to the total, shown in the table below
  • The numbers below are “approximate” and may vary depending upon  the device used for measurement
  • Some options to add to the total, making sure to reach the 10,000 foot goal
    • Loop 2: At the intersection with Boyd Rd and Boyd Loop, keep going 1.3 miles to Chelan Trails Road, which adds 230 vertical feet
    • Loop 2: At the intersection with Klate Rd, turn right 1.0 miles to end of pavement, which adds 256 vertical feet
    • Loop 2: At the intersection between Upper Joe Creek and Lower Joe Creek Road, keep going up Grade Creek Rd toward Antilon Lake for 1 mile, which adds 220 vertical feet. Be aware that there is a cattle guard at about the 1/2 mile mark.
    • Loop 3: At the intersection with Bear Mt. Rd, turn right and go to the intersection with Mirabella Dr, adding .75 miles and 237 vertical feet.
  • In order to earn the free T-shirt, just show your device at the ride headquarters and a shirt of your size will be shipped to you after the event
Without optional climbs With Optional Climbs
Elevation Distance Elevation Distance
Loop 1 1572 24.6 3995 39.4
Loop 2 2416 32.5 3318 37.7
Loop 3 1945 29.3 2577 31.9
5933.0 86.4 9890.0 109.0